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​​An average of 9 hours is spent on your case between the fist two visits, so due to the extensive amount of time spent with patients,  it is not financially feasible to participate with insurance plans.  ANY fees are due at the time services are rendered, unless a prior payment arrangement has been made.  After each visit you will be given a super bill with standard diagnostic codes to submit to your insurance for reimbursement or deductibles, according to your out-of-network benefits. Most diagnostic testing is covered all, or in-part,  by insurance.  We aim to collaborate with you in order to provide the most cost-efficient care possible.   

Consultation $210 for 60 Minutes- $100 DEposit required

   now accepting New patients for wellcare

children Under 3 years $210

Children over 3 years and Adults $280

  New Patient Intake and Consult 

                        Functional Medicine work-up                      


(There is a $200- deposit due when scheduling a new appointment. 

An intake form will be sent in the mail and is due back 3 business days prior to an appointment,

or the provider has the right to reschedule.  The initial intake runs 2-4 hours depending on the patient.)

         Second Visit/ Recommendation      


(During the second visit a recommendation will be presented to the patient/family. 

Collaboration occurs and a realistic plan of care is finalized. 

Specialized testing may be ordered, and the patient/family is educated on how to execute

the first steps involved in achieving improved health and well-being.  tHE VISIT AVERAGES 2-3 HOURS.)

Follow up care
$105.00/ 30 minutes ($3.50/minute) 

(Established patients recieve follow-up consulation that is typically scheduled for 30 minutes,

unless the provider advises more time is needed.  These visits are billed at a rate of $17.50- for each

additional 5 minute increment over thirty.   Follow up visits typically occur every 1-3 months

depending on the complexity of disease state and plan of care.)

diagnostic LAB Draw Fee for unestablished patients

$50 first test

$20 each test there after during same visit

(Interpretation billed at regular follow up fee.)

Established patient lab draw fee


Home Visit Transportation Fee



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